Is There Such Thing As Genuine Psychic Powers?

The psychic phenomena is something that has amazed people for thousands of years. In the early days, it wasn’t called “psychic”. It was a form of meditation, or a spiritual advisor, or one of a thousand other descriptions of connecting to something beyond yourself via the power of mind and will.

These days there’s plenty of argument on the reality of psychics. People pointing out how psychics are fake enjoy pointing to James Randi’s million dollar offer, saying that if someone was really psychic they could easily win the money. Of course, they never point out that the Randi experiment may allow a psychic to perform whatever ability they say they can perform they must produce the kind of effect that the observers presume should be created.


What does all of this mean? In simple terms, it puts into question whether or not genuine mediums exist and how to channel psychic energy. However, the evidence we have also suggests that we can’t entirely rule it out. This is due in part to unexplained events that are easy to verify but never the less make no sense. That’s not the only answer, however.

Understanding Psychic Abilities

The first thing to understand about psychic abilities is that they rarely look the way Hollywood claims they look. There’s no mind reading, nor is there some kind of astral projection or mind control.

Psychic abilities, if they can be quantified at all, involve understanding patterns and how they relate. This is the entire purpose of the tarot cards. They’re not a fortune telling tool. They instead allow a reader to take a constant, like the suite and arcana of the card and connect it to one of the multiple potential patterns.

Because psychic abilities involve pattern recognition and comprehension more than any sort of mystical, supernatural event it’s entirely possible for people to not realize they’re psychic. It’s also possible to actively use “psychic powers”.

Using Genuine Psychic Powers

The entire foundation behind the use of psychic powers is making yourself more alert. Practice noticing details. You should also practice recognizing how people react to things without assigning a stereotype. This allows you to connect a number of things to potential human reactions but still have an open enough mind to notice other possibilities.

At the end of the day, asking about genuine psychic powers misses the point. Everyone is psychic and no one is psychic. It’s a matter of understanding your own mind and how it relates to things around you.