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Edwin Kirkpatrick, Editor

Edwin Kirkpatrick, Editor

Scrap Outside the Box is an online magazine about every aspects and news about psychic readings. We are not new to the fact that psychics have some amazing gifts. Psychics have been around since the time of the Romans and Greeks.

They have given people advice on love, relationships, wealth and other aspects of life. In the past kings and philosophers have used psychic readings to know about their past and future.

Our magazine is packed with suggestions from the best psychics. You will find lots of true stories that are spooky, as well as interesting. You can share your own experiences with us as well. There are famous psychic readers who are waiting to answer any question you have.


We have a forum where you can share your views with others and have a great learning experience. There are competitions held every month where you can participate and win prizes! In our every issue we provide in depth analysis of your horoscope.

You will find about the biggest predictions of the year as well in our magazine. In our every issue, we try to give you something new and interesting. So, keep reading!